Our Services

Goldmont will take your building and make it a joy to live in. Your life is stressful enough without having to micromanage a property manager. Our services are comprehensive.

Worried about elevator maintenance or regulatory inspections?
We’ve already taken care of it.
Think your water bills are too high?
We have ways to fix that.

But don’t let our size fool you.
At Goldmont, all employees have on average over 10 years of experience within the company.


When you want to save the planet – and save some money – turning the lights off when you leave the room simply won’t be enough. We are proud to be doing our part and have already upgraded over 50 buildings to solar energy, bringing them more efficiency and financial stability.

Energy Efficiency

Solar Energy systems are just one element of our larger energy effifiency services. Our computer energy efficiency system aggregates energy use throughout the building and provides specific opportunities to bring down overall energy use in your building.

Water Saving

In addition to saving energy, we also employ multiple strategies to bring down water use as well. Inefficient water systems can increase your water use tremendously, and by simply repairing common leaks or replacing inefficient taps we can lower monthly water bills.

Tax/Insurance Savings

Goldmont’s tax and insurance experts – both our in-house CPA and outside-retained consultants – have the ability to study your building’s finances to create an executable plan that reduces your property taxes in the long term. Our team’s 30 years of experience in this area allows us to navigate the many complexities that are associated with reducing your overhead costs.

Our bulk purchasing power means that your smaller purchases, whether the insurance to protect your building or the supplies to clean it, you will receive the cost-savings that come along with our entires portfolio’s group rates.