An intellectual capital stemming from years
of experience managing, owning, and investing in

Thousands of properties

across the United States

About Goldmont

Goldmont was started in 1983 by Leon Goldenberg. Since then, the company has continued to grow, and now owns and operates over 3,000 units, including over 200 properties in New York, New Jersey, and across the United States.

Goldmont’s experience in property management gives it the experience necessary to isolate, acquire, and develop key investments with a focus on long-term profitability.

Energy Conservation

Our intellectual capital stems from our years of experience managing, owning, and investing in thousands of properties across the United States. When making additions to our portfolio, we leverage our expertise to optimize each of our properties, turning even distressed properties into successful ventures. Using a conservatively balanced risk-taking approach, our team has successfully generated revenue from ventures that most others considered unworthy of exploration.

Our model of care is to treat the investments of each of our shareholders as it is our own.

Condo and Co-op Board members

We know the script because we’ve heard it ourselves.

We’re a property management company that knows the struggles of owning because we own too. We own Condo and Co-op units all across New York, and we’ve heard all the same stories from our property managers that you hear everyday from yours. And we hate it too.

Which is why every property we manage gets a personal touch.

A touch that contains almost 40 years of experience combined with our forward-thinking and client-focused approach. Clients of Goldmont don’t become a number in a system. As a client of Goldmont, you will receive a personal property manager – someone that will learn the ins and outs of your building and build a strong relationship with your board.

We pride ourselves on being a smaller firm. We do not have hundreds of employees. We do not want to become a publicly-traded company governed by others and their principles. We do not want to become so large that our staff is unkown to us.

The Goldmont’s staffs’ average length of employment is over 10 years! We retain employees which ensures the continuity of our relationship with you. The property manager you get today will (in all likelihood) be the same one you’ll have for many years to come.

Residential-Commercial Owners

But we’re better than that

As experienced owners, we know how to place profits and longevity first, keeping in line with tenant satisfaction and regulatory compliance. Our strategic management style focuses on lowering costs while maximizing profit opportunities.

We operate with transparency and accountability-you will receive regular reporting with a clear look at results.

Low-Income Regulatory

Efficiency and competence are what you need in a manager for your Low Income/Regulatory housing. Basic property management doesn’t suffice here – HPD, violations, and all the regulations involved in this property type require a deep knowledge of this specific industry. A deep knowledge that Goldmont can provide.

Decades of Experience with Regulatory Housing

Regularly Engaged in HPD Dismissal Request Programs
Navigating the Complexities of Clearing Violations—Especially Old Ones!
Regularly Processing TIC and PIR— Through In-House Programs or Partnerships
Knowledgeable in Navigating All Aspects of Local, State Bureaucracies
Skilled in Converting to a More Energy Efficient Property
Commercial Building