Leon Goldenberg founded Goldmont Realty Corp. in 1983. Since then, the company has constructed a highly effective system of success. The team at this visionary company continues to establish methods to secure consistent improvements, to increase profitability, and reaffirm investor and client confidence. The team’s dedication and consistent track record of prosperous endeavors solidifies their business relationships for a lifetime.

Goldmont handles all aspects of finance, legal, regulatory, maintenance, and budgeting, as they pertain to each entity. They have a diverse pool of qualified contractors and vendors who handle the maintenance of all properties under their management.


In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, Goldmont entered the co-op and unsold shares marketplace. Since then, the market has encountered several cycles of change. Goldmont’s experience and resources enabled it to comfortably weather those cycles. During this market, Goldmont gained additional expertise in successfully maneuvering their own and their client’s resources during these cycles to enable a level of peace of mind, knowing that their assets were abundantly secure.

An additional strength of this company is its ability to turn distressed properties into successful, productive ventures, which thrive, in dynamic and fluid environments. The team utilizes a conservative approach with balanced risk-taking. Goldmont professionals have succeeded in generating revenue from ventures, which others deemed unworthy of exploration.

Today, Goldmont manages more than 1,800 units. Buying, managing, selling, and syndicating properties, in the New York Tri-State area, is the predominance of the company’s core business.

Additionally, the company’s involvement with over 1,000 co-op/condo units, as well as serving active membership roles on dozens of co-op/condo boards, enables it to input its’ valuable experience into each entity. Fundamentally, the investments of Goldmont shareholders/owners are treated as if it were the company’s own. It is through this model of care, that Goldmont sets itself apart from other management firms.