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Key Rules to Remember

Goldmont Realty Corp. owns and manages a bevy of properties and therefore we deal with many tenants of whom we want the best for. Safety is important and we pride ourselves in going the extra step to ensure it in many areas. Therefore, when it comes to picking up the key to your new apartment, we want to make sure it’s truly YOU or your authorized representative that is picking it up. That said, PLEASE BRING your VALID PHOTO I.D. or you will be UNABLE to secure your key until you provide one

When Paying in Person…

Tenants have the option to drop their rental payments off at our Brooklyn office. However, they should remember that we do not accept cash payments. We also do not issue receipts. Please pay with either a money order, cashier’s check or a personal check. All of these payment types offer options which you can use as a receipt for your records.